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Steve Fitzgerald

Hello from Steve FitzGerald

On behalf of the Lakes Committee, I welcome you to our informational website developed to be easy access to information in one place.  We want to be informative and promote safe and fun lake use. 

A Message from the Chair

It is an honor to serve on the Hot Springs Village Lakes Committee. I am surrounded with an intelligent group of volunteers, who selflessly offer their time and backgrounds to help us advise the Lakes Superintendent, & Lakes Management Team.  Our committee advises the HSV Board of Directors on matters relating to lake issues (as outlined in our charter), current policies, & guidelines.

With a significant changeover last Summer (2022) of Lakes Committee members, we managed to hit the ground running and may have even gained some additional momentum for achieving our priorities.  One of our initiatives is to improve communications to HSV property owners & providing member input to ensure our current lakes related rules & regulations are current and consistent with feedback received from property owners. This new website is just one example of action items that we are developing.  We want to strengthen YOUR ability as a POA member to know what the committee is working on, as well as, provide an improved path for communicating to both the Lakes Committee members as well as the POA Lakes Superintendent & Lakes Management team. This site will surely be a work in progress, it will only get better with feedback from you on what kind of information you would like to see us post.


Our committee is working on several issues at present; however, we have a special emphasis on four areas for the coming year and they are;

  • Erosion/silt prevention to help minimize dredging and dredging costs

  • Rules review 

  • Snail (invasive species) mitigation

  • Semiannual Lakes Assessment


I would like to welcome any village member to attend our meetings as a guest.  You can observe our meetings and bring questions.  We open the floor to visitor questions at every meeting.  You are also invited to drop us an e-mail if you prefer.


As I write this note, we're starting a new year, and activities on our lakes will increase as the warmer weather returns to the Village. Now is a good time to ensure you familiarize yourself with the Rules, Regulations, & Policies for lakes related activities. It's also a great time to check your lakes use equipment for functionality and safety as we all get ready for what promises to be another great year of activities on our Hot Springs Village Lakes.


Have fun and be safe!


Steve FitzGerald

HSV Lakes Committee


You are invited to our meetings or send your question or input to the committee

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